How Positive Self-Talk can Help Wrestlers

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United States Naval Academy

An engineer who received his education and training from the United States Naval Academy, John Guandolo is currently with the Strategic Engagement Group, National Security where he serves as the vice president for strategic planning. During his time at the United States Naval Academy, John Guandolo was a member of the wrestling team.

Wrestling is a physical sport which is why a lot of time is spent on preparing the body to endure the tackles and grapples that are expected in the sport. However, as experienced wrestlers would agree, mental preparation is as important, if not more than, the physical preparation before a wrestling match.

How do wrestlers mentally prepare themselves? One aspect of this mental preparation is positive self-talk. How wrestlers talk to themselves is one of the greatest influencers of their mental state before and during the match, and in fact, it could make or break a match.

When engaging in positive self-talk, wrestlers seek to eliminate negative thoughts that could distract the mind and hamper the body from performing optimally. Wrestlers may also reinforce their confidence by reminding themselves of their own reasons for winning. Moreover, wrestlers need to train themselves to convert any negative thought into something constructive.