Muslim Brotherhood – Controlling the U.S. Terrorism Dialogue

Understanding the Threat pic
Understanding the Threat

As founder of, former FBI agent John Guandolo focuses on emerging threats facing the United States. John Guandolo examines how Islamic extremist organizations have infiltrated the country’s defense perimeters and pose a distinct threat to its continued existence as a nation in which liberty and freedom are enshrined.

Speaking on national radio, a pair of former U.S. government officials recently revealed Muslim Brotherhood to be a driving force in jihadi activity nationwide. The influence of the organization is so great that it defines the way in which terrorism is discussed and influences what national security activities are carried out.

Asked to explain the kind of language that was prohibited within the U.S. government, one of the Sean Hannity radio program guests noted that no reference to Islamic doctrine could be constructed in such a way that an American enemy was defined. With the Muslim Brotherhood controlling many aspects of the government decision-making process, security personnel are not easily able to develop a comprehensive understanding of potential threats. The bottom line is that a recurrence of the events of 9-11 and the Orlando nightclub shooting is more likely to happen as long as this issue is unresolved.


Impact of Sharia Law in the United States

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John Guandolo

Former FBI agent John Guandolo often leads discussions on how Islam and Sharia Law entered the mainstream political discussion during the years following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States. The parameters of Sharia Law, also called Islamic Law, are often disputed among lawmakers, members of national security councils, and experts in Muslim culture. This debate has even made its way into federal court. John Guandolo is often looked to for guidance on the topic, especially in regard to national security issues.

Since 2001, many splinter organizations have developed across the globe. These groups follow the same terrorist ideologies that form what Guandolo refers to as the “Global Jihadist Movement,” which has a mission of spreading Sharia Law throughout the United States. As an expert in national security, Guandolo warns against allowing Sharia Law to gain a stronger hold in the United State than it already has. His position is that the Council on American-Islamic Relations is a strong proponent of introducing and implementing Sharia Law in the country.