A Three-Day Training Course on the Islamic Jihadi Threat

Understanding the Threat pic
Understanding the Threat
Image: understandingthethreat.com


As head of UnderstandingTheThreat.com, John Guandolo leads a consulting firm that focuses on the threat posed by terrorist groups associated with Islam. John Guandolo and his firm offer a full range of training programs, with clients ranging from law enforcement organizations to citizens’ groups.

The three-day “Understanding and Investigating the Jihadi Movement” course is designed to meet the needs of professionals spanning the military, intelligence, and law enforcement spheres. Fact-based analysis begins with a historical background on the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) within the United States and includes a survey of MB doctrine and methods.

The second day of training brings focus on doctrinal sharia as it is employed for operational aims that fundamentally alter the nature of the threat faced by law enforcement agencies. An emphasis is on providing a thorough understanding of the current applications of Islamic law, which enables the formulation of effective predictive analysis.

The course also encompasses practical training on investigative techniques that can be used in the identification of jihadi elements in local communities and accurately assessing threats before they turn to tragedy.