Recent Attacks Raise Questions About the Nature of Terror Threats

Understanding the Threat pic
Understanding the Threat
Image: (UTT), headed by John Guandolo, offers anti-terrorism training and consulting. John Guandolo and the UTT team maintain a regularly updated blog that offers a background on links between sharia and terrorism and provides insight on world events.

A recent UTT article examined a pair of terror events in September 2016. One involved the coordinated setting-off of bombs in the New York City area, which Mayor de Blasio refused to call “terrorism.” A question raised by many in the wake of the attacks is why the mayor refuses to allow discussions of Muslim threats at the municipal level, while supporting local communities that are set on undermining democracy.

At the same time, another terrorist tragedy was unfolding at the shopping mall Crossroads Center in Minnesota, where a jihadist began shouting “Allah u akbar” and proceeded to stab nine people. The perpetrator was described as being non-religious and free from mental instability until three months before the attack, when he started reading the Koran. A key question posed is why so many people become radicalized after reading the words of the prophet Mohammad.