Sharia Law Restricts Ability of Authorities to Prevent Attacks

Understanding the Threat pic
Understanding the Threat

A former FBI agent and officer with the U.S. Marine Corps, John Guandolo is author of the 2013 book Raising a Jihadi Generation, which can be found at Amazon or on his site At the latter site, John Guandolo focuses on emerging threats posed by Islamic groups within the United States.

A recent post explores why more Muslims have not contacted authorities in Europe and North America and alerted them about potential jihadists in their midst. The basic reason is that it would violate Sharia, or Islamic Sacred Law, to do so.

Sharia makes it a violation of basic precepts to leave Islam and, further, makes it a capital crime to deny the tenets of Islamic law in any way. Restrictions extend to strict edicts against talebearing and slander, which means that Muslims place themselves in grave danger by assisting police in actions against fellow Muslims. This has limited the information-gathering capacities of authorities trying to stop major terrorist attacks.